How to use the prime android app with VPN on

I’m using an always-on vpn for all my devices. It’s not because of the anonymity, it’s because of security and safety. I’m using an dedicated IP, so I can make sure, where I log in, if I did something and have better control over my network all around.

The only problem I encountered with it: The Amazon Prime App for android. When connected to any VPN or Proxy, even if it is just local (like AdGuard), you can’t use the streaming service.

This means, every time I want to watch scrubs or Malcolm in the Middle, I have to disable not only my vpn, but also the kill switch from the app and android settings.

How to do a walkaround

Sadly I didn’t figured out a way to let the data still go through the vpn. But I found a way to use it comfortably without having to go to the setting: Isolating the App into a different environment, where no vpn is active. For that I use the open source app Shelter, that uses the “Work Profile” feature of Android to create an isolated space.

  1. Install Shelter (I’m not in any way involved with that open source project. Use with caution. Check the documentation for support.)
  2. Go trough the installation.
  3. Clone the apps you want isolate, so Prime Video (you may need to allow the Shelter to install apks)
  4. Open Prime Video from the Shelter app in the Shelter Tab and log in

That should do the trick. To open and close the app, you would need to open Shelter again and freeze the apps. To make it more comfortable:

  1. In the Shelter App click on Prime Video and add a shortcut to your main screen
  2. In the Shelter App click on the burger menu and add a shortcut to freeze all apps to the main screen


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